Cancer Briton lived a life of luxury at the expense of others

Cancer Briton lived a life of luxury at the expense of others

And she made it pretty well.

After learning about the fatal diagnosis, some are beginning to fight desperately for life, others depressed, and others finally decide to act. The latter chose a 50-year-old British woman, Catherine Jones.

From 2001 through 2016, she worked as an assistant administrator in manufacturing company of plastic products in Blackburn. Her responsibilities also included financial issues, but because Katherine had access to the accounts of the company.

In 2011 she first transferred the money of his company to the personal account. And no one noticed.

In 2014, the Brit, was diagnosed with cancer and she realized that losing her was nothing more. And then take financial fraud very seriously. For the money his company she was vacationing in Mexico, the Caribbean and Cuba. Buying expensive things and went to restaurants with his friends. Got a little financial aid and her family.

Woman stole £600,000 because she thought she’d die from cancer before being caught @MetroUK

— Cavendish Press (@cavendishpress) August 14, 2018

Later the Scam was joined by former boss John’s 61-year-old beryl shore. Her Kathryn is also forwarded to 233 thousand dollars from the account of the company.

Other people’s money, a woman hemorrhaging for two years and was sure that he would not live until the moment when she was caught. But her health was strong.

In October 2017 the chief summoned the unscrupulous employee, and has filed evidence of financial fraud. Catherine did not deny it, but after a couple of days translated by myself for last 4 thousand dollars.

Such impudence the company to forgive and could not have addressed in court. 13 Aug 2018 Catherine Jones was found guilty and sentenced to 28 months in prison. Because of his deadly diagnosis half the time she will spend in prison and half under conditional release. Her accomplice beryl shore, which also shamelessly took money from the company, the court appointed 16 months in prison and 100 hours of community service.