Biography Of Eduard Uspensky

Biography Of Eduard Uspensky

On 14 August it became known about the death of Eduard Uspensky. The writer died at the age of 80 years.

On 14 August it became known about the death of Eduard Uspensky.

The writer was born on 22 Dec 1937 in Yegoryevsk (Moscow oblast) in the family of Nikolai Mikhailovich assumption (1903-1947) and Natalia Alekseevny Jarovoy (1907-1982). His father worked in the Central Committee of the CPSU (b), mother was an engineer-Builder.

In 1955, the assumption has entered the Moscow aviation Institute. In his student years he began to engage in literary work, has placed poems and satires in the Institute’s newspaper. Since 1960, printed them in the variety collections, the newspaper “Week” and the magazine “Crocodile”.

In 1961 he graduated from Moscow aviation Institute in the specialty “engineer”, and then three and a half years worked at the Second Moscow instrument-making plant. In March 1965 together with Felix Kamov was lead author of a group of student pop-satirical theater of the MAI “TV”. Next year in Moscow publishing house “Art” was a collection of humorous stories for the stage “Four under one cover”. Its authors were Eduard Uspensky, Felix Kamov, Arkadiy Arkanov and Grigory Gorin.

Since the mid-1960s, years of writing for children. In 1965, the publishing house “Children’s literature” published the first book by Eduard Uspensky — the collection of poems “Funny little elephant”.

In 1966 came the fairy tale “Crocodile Gena and his friends”. Her main characters, Gena the Crocodile and Cheburashka, have received wide recognition — first in the Soviet Union and later abroad.

Scenarios the assumption the Director-animator Roman Kachanov put puppet animated film “Crocodile Gena” (1969), Cheburashka (1971), “Shapoklyak” (1974), “Cheburashka goes to school” (1983). Along with the assumption Kacanovy wrote the play “Cheburashka and his friends” (1970) and “Vacation crocodile Gena” (1974). In 2000-ies of animated films about Cheburashka was made in Japan. Starting from the XXVIII summer Olympic games 2004 (Athens, Greece) Cheburashka repeatedly became the mascot of the Russian Olympic team.

In 1974, Eduard Uspenskiy produced a fairy-tale story “Uncle Fyodor, dog and cat.” Based on it directed by Vladimir Popov took the animated film “Three from Buttermilk” (1978), “Holidays in Prostokvashino” (1980) and “Winter in Prostokvashino” (1984), which received wide popularity among the audience.

The writer has also released the fairy tale “Down the magic river” (1972), “Security men” (1975), “School of clowns” (1983), “the Gingerbread man is on the trail” (1987), “25 professions Mashi Filipenko” (1988), “Fur boarding school” (1989), etc.

The assumption is the author of poetic collections “it’s Amazing” (1968), “balloons” (1971), “it’s All right” (1976), “Lady from Amsterdam” (2015).

In 1991 he released “talking textbook” radio engineering “lectures of Professor Chainikova”, in 1999 — historical novel, “false Dmitry the Second, real.” Among the new works of the author of the fairy tale “the Story of Devacika, gutta-percha man” (2011), “Security men are back” (2011), “the fresh Prince of Kinder-eggs” (2014), “About the cucumber and Pomidorka” (2015).

Works of Ouspensky translated into 25 languages. Scenario writer shot 60 animated films.

Among the most famous: Antoshka (1969, in the collection “Merry go round”, directed by Leonid Nosyrev), “ginger, Ginger, freckled” (1971, in the collection “Merry go round”, Mr Nosyrev), “Ivashka of the Palace of pioneers” (1981, Gennady Sokolsky), “About Sidorov Vova” (1985, Eduard Nazarov), “Sledstvie vedut Kolobki” (1986-1987, Igor Kovalev and Aleksandr Tatarskiy), “Three types and violinist” (1993, Nathan Lerner), etc.

Plays based on the works of Eduard Uspensky are in the repertoire of many Russian theatres. In his works made into films for children: “There, on unknown paths…” (1982, directed by Mikhail yuzovsky) and “good year of the child” (1991, Boris Konunov).

In 1970, the assumption was the author and screenwriter of the first editions of educational programs for younger students “Monitor” (Union radio), in 1975 — children’s educational TV program “Abvgdeyka” (the First program of Central television). In 1986 he was one of the jury members of the revived TV program “Club of merry and resourceful”.

In the 1990-ies led to the “Radio of Russia” music transfer “In our Harbor came ships” in 1999-2011 — the TV show (published on the channels NTV, TV-6, TVs, “the Fifth channel”). The Chairman of the jury of the literary prize. Korney Chukovsky.

In 2007 was in the high Council of political party “Civil force”. Member of the Union of writers of Moscow. Awarded the order “For merits before Fatherland” IV degree (1997). Laureate of RF government prize in the field of culture (2010, for the book “Stories about a girl with a strange name”).

Noted literary prize. Korney Chukovsky in the nomination “For outstanding creative achievements in the domestic children’s literature” (2010), prize. Lev Kopelev “For freedom and human rights” (2015), the award “Wreath” of the Union of writers of Moscow (2016).

Was married three times. The first wife — Rimma, the graduate of MAI, the second — Elena, the employee of the television; the third presenter Eleanor Owl. From his first marriage — daughter Tatyana (genus. 1968), the other twin daughters of Irina and Svetlana (b. 1991). After her divorce from third wife was reunited with his second wife.

The life and work of the writer dedicated the book Hanna mäkelä “Edward. Journey into the world of children’s writer Eduard Uspensky” (2008) and the documentary series “Living legends” (2011, Director Sergei Kraus).