The tragedy in Genoa: what is known about the bridge collapse

The tragedy in Genoa: what is known about the bridge collapse

Possible causes, the circumstances of the tragedy and comments of experts.


More than 35 people died as a result of the collapse of a road bridge in Genoa, in Northwest Italy. Now on a scene salvage operations go, it is possible that the number of victims in the near future will increase, warn the authorities of the country. Most importantly, aware of the tragedy at the moment, and comments of experts — in the material of the portal


Road bridge length of about 1 km and a height of about 50 m struck about 11:30 local time. According to official figures, on the bridge at this point was about 20 cars, the collapsed length of the Central span was several tens of meters.

As indirect evidence, which can be seen on the videos that we managed to see, the obvious one thing: the bridge lost stability for the main support, which was destroyed at the last moment. Construction of the roadway was torn from the ground, went down on a tangent and broken remnants of support, which caused the final destruction. Causes buckling of these elements can be completely different, and a thorough investigation is required to identify.Sergey Podorolsky engineer at architectural Bureau “Mashproekt”

The bridge passed over the river, and seized part of the territory of the industrial zone and the railroad tracks — according to ABCNews, its fragments fell on the building of the city garbage stock, so it is possible that the number of victims will increase.

To 17:30 (Moscow time) the Deputy Minister of transport of Italy Eduardo Roxie reported 22 dead and at least eight injured, four people arrived at the scene, rescuers managed to extract from the rubble alive. Now the scene has about 200 firefighters and rescuers apart the rubble and looking for victims and survivors.

The traffic on the highway A10 (the bridge included in its composition), which connects Italy and France, at the moment is completely blocked to the intersection with highways A7 (direction Milan) and A12, stated in the official Twitter-account of the Italian police. In the attached scene the tunnels, according to journalists, there remain dozens of cars.