The scammer came up with a cunning scheme to lure women money

The scammer came up with a cunning scheme to lure women money

The man fell to his greed.

A resident of Florida Catalina Rosas met with Eric Benson in an expensive restaurant in the city of Boca Raton. Benson told a new acquaintance that the seven years he lived in Hong Kong and earns a living by selling expensive paintings and Antiques provided to customers.

Very soon their relationship became serious, and the man had fully gained the confidence of Catalina.

One day he invited her to invest in gold coins, which “would help her to save and multiply your capital.”

The woman gave Eric 52 thousand dollars, and her son — 12 thousand. But when he began to insist on large sums, roses began to suspect that something was wrong. She also noted that for two years she never saw his family or friends, and they always met in hotels or restaurants.

“A year after learning the truth about who Eric really is and what he’s done, I’m just now finally beginning to wake up without a feeling of absolute devastation in my gut.”

— HuffPost (@HuffPost) August 12, 2018

Catalina appealed for help to the experts. It turned out that the gold coins, which she spent thousands of dollars, were fake. Contacting the police (and then the FBI and the Secret service of the USA), Catalina found that her man is actually named blaine Frederick was already wanted in California for what he fraudulently lured two people a few million dollars.

In parallel with the Catalina the man met another woman, who also gave him a round sum of money. Nine months later, blaine Frederick was detained in one of the Golf clubs, and now he waits for judgment.