The Morandi bridge in Genoa. Dossier

The Morandi bridge in Genoa. Dossier

August 14 was the collapse of the viaduct.


TASS-FILE. August 14, 2018 in Genoa (Italy) collapsed bridge (viaduct) Morandi. Media reported the deaths of “tens of people” in the government of Italy confirmed the death of 11 people.

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Collapsed viaduct crossed the river Polcevera and the path rail yard in the West of Genoa. Directly under them was the house on the streets of Enrico Porro and Walter Villaca, small industrial enterprises. The total length of the viaduct — 1.1 km. It had 11 spans, including four cables. The length of the two largest bridge span — r202. 1 m, width — 18 m. the Height of three pylons — 100,2 m.

The bridge passed the motorway a10 (Genova — Savona, European route E80).

The viaduct was built in 1962-1968 years company Condotte and became Europe’s first reinforced-concrete cable-stayed bridge of this design. Just for its construction were used 50 thousand cubic meters of precast reinforced concrete and 5 tons of steel.

The bridge was opened on 4 September 1967 in the presence of the Italian President Giuseppe Saragat, but was completed for another year.

The author of the project — the engineer Ricardo Morandi (1902-1989). He was the author of a number of other bridges in Italy, and also in Colombia, Libya, Venezuela and Ecuador. The most structurally close to the project Morandi bridge General Rafael’s Urdaneta through lake Maracaibo (length — 8,7 km, the longest span of 235 m; opened in 1962).

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