Perseid meteor shower captured on photos

Perseid meteor shower captured on photos

On the night of 12 on 13 August, the peak activity of a meteor shower Perseids per hour in the sky was visible about a hundred “shooting stars”.


The Perseids are visible every August around this time the Earth passes through a trail of sand and small stones left behind comet swift — Tuttle. The Earth’s atmosphere, these particles fly at speeds exceeding 50 km/s, are heated by friction and glow until they burn out.

In the night from 12 to 13 August, the earth passed the densest part of a meteor shower, but the width of the Perseids is situated on 40 million miles (nearly a third of the distance from the Earth to the Sun), so flash in the sky visible from 17 July to 24 Aug: one-night — more, others — less.

To the meteors turned out beautifully in the photo, must be removed with long exposure and hope that in front of the lens (preferably wide angle) fly as many cosmic particles.

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