“How many wives and children Ramzan Kadyrov” and other issues of the tourists in Grozny

“How many wives and children Ramzan Kadyrov” and other issues of the tourists in Grozny

Top 10 most popular questions from travellers first arrived in Chechnya.

About the personal life of Ramzan Kadyrov, the relationship between men and women and an unusual street scene in Grozny, the founder of the travel Agency CheTour Sergei Biruk can talk for a long time. He repeats these stories for four years — how many carries tourists from the cities of the South of Russia in Chechnya. Questions on excursions all the time again, why make a ranking of the most frequently asked is easy.

Wives, children and Instagram of the head of Cheminvest128 years of Coca. What is the secret of longevity of oldest resident of Russia?

— A lot of questions about Ramzan Kadyrov! If you make a list of the most popular questions about the family head of the Republic — you do not even top 5, but twice. The main question: “How many of Kadyrov’s wives?” Here the answer upsets many laughs of Virus.

According to the Federal tourism Agency of Russia In 2017 in Chechnya was visited by 130 thousand tourists. The growth in tourist arrivals over the three years amounted to 249% — the first place on this indicator in Russia. On Christmas vacation in late 2017 or early 2018 in Chechnya was visited by 12 thousand people.

Frustrating — because of the racy stories in the spirit of the East should not be. The guide explains that despite the fact that the head of Chechnya, has repeatedly surprised the society with statements in favor of polygamy, the wife he has one — Medni Kadyrova.

— Then, tourists continue: “What Ramzan Kadyrov has children?”.

The children of the head of Chechnya twelve, two of them adopted.

Following the popular question — “What happened to Instagram of Ramzan Kadyrov?” Then the guide had to tell the story of how the head of Chechnya came under Western sanctions and went to social network created by local startups.

Traces of war

More tourists ask about the war: where are her footprints? And greatly surprised when the guide says that the ruined streets were in the center.

The issues start when we go on Putin Avenue, — says Sergey. — I say that this was the street of Victory, and before the Boundary. And explain that there where now stands the complex of skyscrapers “Grozny city” and where all are photographed next to “I love Ivan”, was not a living space”.

They just can’t imagine and asked: “really it was all destroyed?

Sometimes the tour guide leads the group in blocks where there are buildings destroyed by the war. They are few, they are located in the industrial zone.

Women in “male” work

— When we pass a car wash there cars washed only women tourists are surprised. Some people think that Chechen women do not work and sit at home and raise children. And few people can assume that women in the Republic are often difficult and seemingly a man’s job. Ask: “Are Chechens, is it possible?”.

Woman in Chechnya often perform a cleaning job, working with sellers, many of them in catering, explains the guide. In other words — in the service sector. For Chechen men to work in service undesirable. Guys usually want to be military or in police work.