We can fix it. 20 signs that you need a therapist

We can fix it. 20 signs that you need a therapist

Psychologist Maria Merkulova tells how to understand that you have a serious problem and it’s time to solve them.

Annoy you around, you’re having trouble sleeping or not able to overcome the sudden apathy? Sometimes a temporary difficulties can be overcome on their own or with the help of a psychologist. But what if it takes a week, a month, six months, and it’s not getting better? You may need to connect “heavy artillery” in the person of the therapist. It is a psychiatrist, which was an additional specialization in psychotherapy. How to understand that you need just such a specialist, says Maria Merkulova.

Sign № 1. Rapidly changing lifestyle and daily routine. Such metamorphoses notice not only you, but also relatives, friends, neighbors. For example, you were very active and led a healthy lifestyle, a lot of contact with people and suddenly become withdrawn, don’t leave home, you don’t care what to eat and wear, etc May be another transformation: man was balanced, and was explosive and almost foaming at the mouth to prove his innocence to everyone you meet.

Sign № 2. Long apathy — you don’t want, you are indifferent to events. Notice that with this state work and psychologists, and psychotherapists. But if it continues for more than two months, of course, you need to go to the last one.

Sign № 3. You are haunted by obsessive thoughts, sometimes it even seems that they have someone in control. We are talking about the inability to switch attention from exciting topic to something else. Usually in such cases the thought is devoted to some global issues, for example, to save the world and humanity.

Sign № 4. It seems that someone is watching you or stalking. It is important that this condition appears without any objective reasons. For example, if you are carrying a large sum of money from the sale of apartments, can really experience the feeling of fear, apprehension, but in this case, his origins are clear, they are easy to fix. Worse, when you don’t know why such feelings you are visiting.

Sign № 5. There is a sense that the environment (family, neighbors, friends) are against you or even prepare some kind of conspiracy. Sometimes suspicions can be true, in life anything can happen. But to understand where reality and fiction, it is better to go to a therapist.