Russian climbers survived the hard landing of Mi-8 at the Peak of Communism

Russian climbers survived the hard landing of Mi-8 at the Peak of Communism

Moscow. August 13. INTERFAX.RU Russian climbers, helicopter which made a hard landing on Ismoili Somoni peak (Communism Peak) in Tajikistan, according to preliminary data, are alive, said on Monday “Interfax” by phone a source in the helicopter, the rescue group at the airport Lahs.

“Previously, there is a connection with the helicopter crew. Climbers — the Russians, according to preliminary information, live”, — said the source.

Place a hard landing of the helicopter from the airfield Lakhs flew helicopters with rescuers.

According to preliminary version, a hard landing triggered bad weather. Also checks the version about technical malfunction of the helicopter.

According to preliminary data, on Board can be victims. “From the reported victims, the state is not yet established. This information will be updated and checked,” the source said.

A rescue operation coordinated by the Committee of emergency situations under the government of Tajikistan with the assistance of the Ministry of internal Affairs, GKNB, the Ministry of defence, the Ministry of health.

CoES reported that the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon took control of the operation to assist the climbers.

All events that occur in the framework of rescue and emergency operations are under the control of the President. For search and rescue operations involved three helicopters. Created three headquarters: in Lyahshskoy area, the airport and the emergency Committee.Umeda usefinally the press center of CoES

The night before, Yusufi said that at 16:30 (14:30 Moscow time) during transport to the base camp in the lower reaches of the glacier Fortambek alpinists carried out the ascent to the peak of Somoni made a hard landing helicopter Mi-8.

According to her, at the time of performing a hard landing on Board were 13 climbers and three crew members.

The height of the Peak is Ismoili Somoni, formerly known as Communism Peak and the highest point of the USSR is 7495 meters, the mountain is in the ridge of the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan.