Ostrich attacked the employee of the Penza zoo

Ostrich attacked the employee of the Penza zoo

PENZA, August 13. /TASS/. Attack of the ostrich on cleans aviary zoo worker of Penza, which is imprinted on published a video in social networks, due to the fact that the man had violated official instructions for the care of the bird. This was reported to journalists by the chief veterinarian of the Penza zoo Andriy Solodkov.

Earlier in social networks was published video, which shows how the ostrich attacks the employee of the zoo who have come to the aviary to a bird. The ostrich tramples man and throws him from side to side.

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“The employee violated official instructions, he was not supposed to enter one in the cage,” said Solodkov.

According to the instructions in the aviary with ostriches must enter two men, one of whom must be a kind of shield, exceeding the growth of the ostrich. In this case, the bird will not attack man, said the chief veterinarian of the zoo.

According to him, the weight of an adult ostrich is approximately 120 kg. “I examined the injured employee. He refused hospitalization,” — said Solodkov.

He said that the injured man continues to work at the zoo, he will be reprimanded.