Magic in the sky: the users of the Internet post a photo of the Perseids

Magic in the sky: the users of the Internet post a photo of the Perseids

This night earthlings are waiting for the maximum of the meteor shower the Perseids is the most beautiful event. “Газета.Ru” to remind you how to observe meteors and introduces the first pictures of the phenomenon.

Upcoming night Amateur astronomers and lovers of the night sky, living all over the world, turn our instruments and eyes to the heavens — because in the coming hours it is expected a maximum of the most beautiful and spectacular star of the Perseid stream.

As already reported by astronomers during these hours the activity of a meteor shower continues to grow.

Assuming cloudless weather, according to the International meteor organization, from Saturday evening until Monday morning you can observe the combustion of up to 120 meteors per hour.

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— Jerome K. (@jika2001) 12 Aug 2018

The Perseid is the most famous meteor shower in the Northern hemisphere. There are several reasons. It is a convenient observation time, because of the high activity of these meteors reach in mid-August, when darkness comes relatively early, but the nights are still warm and comfortable for late walks in the open air.

The Perseids is a pretty steady stream, that is, during maximum activity the number of falling meteors rarely falls below 60 per hour.

The activity of a meteor shower is measured anti-aircraft hour number. For comparison, another relatively stable stream of the Lyrids, the number of meteors per hour, rarely more than 18, and, for example, orionid give about 25 meteors.

As of Sunday evening activity of Perseids has already exceeded 60 per hour and continued to grow.

The onset peak of activity is expected between 12 Aug 23:00 GMT and 13 August 11:00 GMT, so for fans of “shooting stars” we have all night.

Two fireballs detected last night on the #AllSkyCam!
These are probably from the Perseids meteor shower#PerseidMeteorShower #Perseids

— Rocket Ron ? (@RonBaalke) 12 Aug 2018

Meanwhile, the network has already appeared the first pictures of meteors, lined with observers in different countries.

Astronomers say that the maximum activity will occur in the first day after the new moon, so conditions for observing the beautiful space shows the rest is perfect! To prevent the observations can only partly cloudy and the illumination from the big cities.