In the state Duma proposed to prohibit called sausage unnatural products

In the state Duma proposed to prohibit called sausage unnatural products

State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov (EP) invited the Minister of industry and trade of Russia Denis Manturov to prohibit called meat products that contain less than 50% of meat and offered to call non-natural lemonades and juices, “chemically synthesized drinks”, while typing on the labels indicating possible health consequences of use of such products.

MOSCOW, 13 Aug — RIA Novosti. The MP wrote to the Minister in the letter, which is available to RIA Novosti, that many meat products on the shelves of local stores, “often do not have the meat and the meat content is irrelevant”. Moreover, Milonov sure that the producers and sellers of such products is “deliberately distorting the name of their products” and “establish consumer confusion”.

“A logical step from the state… would be the prohibition for manufacturers and sellers of all levels to use the names for such products, misleading buyers astray. For example, if the sausage contains less than 50% real meat, this product can not be called a sausage, and shall be called the “imitation meats”. Also on the label must be specified and the possible health risks with prolonged use of such a “substitute for the sausage,” suggests Milon.

Similar situation, according to policy, has developed in the field of soft drinks, as the shops are “clogged” various foreign brands of soft drinks and juices, which “are 100% chemical products capable of inflicting the most severe injury to a person of any age.”

“Incorrect, when the set of noxious liquid chemical elements is called “lemonade”. Such products also needs to obtain new, appropriate to its title — “chemically-synthesized drink”. Labels must also specify the possible health effects on humans,” — says Milonow.

“I ask You to consider these proposals and to consider their implementation in the legal acts of our country”, — concluded the politician, referring to the Report.