In Iran amid U.S. sanctions presented a new model of ballistic missile

In Iran amid U.S. sanctions presented a new model of ballistic missile

Moscow. August 13. INTERFAX.RU — Iranian defense Minister Amir Hatami on Monday presented the Iranian new ballistic missile, reports the Agency “Tasneem”.

According to him, it is a modification of missiles of “Fateh”. The distinctive feature of a new type of missile, according to Khatami, is a high precision. Also, the developers have reduced the visibility of the missile radar. He assured that the military has already conducted a successful test of the new missile.

The Minister called the tactical missile. Its range Iranian side said. However, Iranian media have noted that the range of the previous versions of missiles of “Fateh” according to American experts, ranged from 200 to 300 km.

Presentation of the rocket took place after earlier in August, the US administration restored some of the sanctions, which until now have been frozen in the framework of the agreement on the nuclear issue between Iran and the “six” of international mediators. The United States withdrew from the agreement, saying that it’s inefficient. Among other things, the American side believes that the agreement with Iran needs to include Tehran’s refusal of the program of development and production of ballistic missiles. The Iranian side said that such could not be considered.

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