Called is a stress-relieving product available

Called is a stress-relieving product available

Scientists from Harvard University have described the product perfectly relieves stress and is sold at an affordable price in the shops, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

The experiment involved three groups of volunteers who for months ate a Breakfast of different foods. The first group got the eggs, the second cereal flour, a third — oatmeal quick cooking.

At the conclusion of the study better than anyone confronted the stress of the volunteers from the first group, which ate one or two eggs. It turned out that a sharp release of adrenal stress hormone — adrenaline blocked pure protein and gamma constituents of the yolk.

The least stress were those who ate Breakfast with instant oatmeal. The reason is that the kind of cereal dramatically increases the content of sugar in the blood, and then fell sharply. In such a race increases the release of stress hormones that cause subjects symptoms of panic attacks — fear, weakness and cold sweat.

According to experts from Columbia University, successfully dealing with stress for Breakfast you can have omelettes with cauliflower or broccoli. It is then recommended to drink a glass of pumpkin juice or eat a handful of pumpkin seeds, which contain magnesium and help you to overcome anxiety.

Previously, scientists found in the human brain “center of pessimism”. It helps helps to analyze all the pros and cons of a situation and make decisions.