To write a thesis at the University will be impossible

To write a thesis at the University will be impossible

Students ‘ theses in the universities can begin EN masse to test with the help of the Antiplagiat.

As stated by the rector of the Higher school of economy Yaroslav Kuzminov, “a very good indicator, which invited colleagues from Rosobrnadzor”.

— We dissertations know how to do it, let’s diplomas do. The proportion of non-self-written works immediately show how serious the University is working with his students — he stressed.

The idea in the University community to discuss more than one year. The Internet is full of ads like “course in order to help with the diploma.” The average price tag — nine thousand rubles, and applications are accepted 24 hours a day. Ready to work on any topic will bring “tomorrow”. To write off the thoughts of others from the Internet the student can and without help, and many teachers turn a blind eye. What to do?

— Leading universities independently establish the system of anti-plagiarism and require students to run through not only the thesis, but also coursework. Each year these systems become more sophisticated: exactly the show was taken from a segment, calculate the percentage of citations. The audit student receives a certificate. She goes to the curriculum Department and supervisor. This practice is not only in Moscow but also, for example, in Tomsk, Novosibirsk, and other cities, says the Director of the Institute of education development HSE Irina Abankina. — In the Higher school of Economics thesis allowed to protect only on the condition that 85 percent of the original text. Even the share of self-citations — that is, duplication of the same article — shall not exceed 30 percent. There were precedents, when the scrapped work before the protection is not allowed. However, such strict rules are not in all universities.

Experts believe that if the receipt of state accreditation will depend, including the quality of the diplomas, the University will closely monitor independent work of students.

The only question is how to organize everything. To connect all to a unified system of anti-plagiarism? Or let each University uses its own? Who will pay? The debate continues… There is still time: now the universities are not obliged to pay the final work of students in open access. This can be a problem.

The digitalization allows to determine the quality of our academic work. And then, of course, you need a plagiarism. But not only that. Today we put the question to all master’s dissertations were freely available to any reader. It is easy to create. And when everything in the public field, when observed from all sides, it somehow will lead to the improvement of the quality of the school, — the rector of MGIMO Anatoly Torkunov.

The plagiarism is not the only criterion by which it is proposed to assess the quality of higher education. In Rosobrnadzor said that the Department supports the desire of the professional community to improve the model of state accreditation. However, any new approach must ensure the equality of all before the law universities.