The French will attract rooks to garbage collection in the Park

The French will attract rooks to garbage collection in the Park

French historical theme Park Puy du Fou will start to use rooks for collecting cigarette butts and other debris on-site. About it reports AFP with reference to the words of President Park.

Birds of the Raven stand out from most other birds with his wit, and often they are devoted to various studies of the intelligence of birds. Crows, for example, know how to plan things for tomorrow, can recreate the tools from memory, and indeed not inferior to the intellect of anthropoid apes. Rooks become the object of scientific research less common, but also differ with ingenuity — their skills in creating and refining tools, for example, even compared with the skills of a chimpanzee.

The administration of the historical Park of Puy du Fou theme, which is located in the West of France in the Vendee, has announced that starting next week the Park will begin work six rooks, which will collect cigarette butts and other debris. As noted by the President of the Park, the birds will collect debris in special containers and get food as a reward. However, he added that the goal of the project is not only directly in garbage collection, but also to show visitors that “nature itself can teach us respect for the environment.”

It is not reported no details of exactly how trained rooks or about how the results of food as a reward for borne debris. We can assume that at Puy du Fou will use automatic feeders-trash, similar to the devices developed by Dutch startup Crowded Cities.

Nikolai Vorontsov.