Named the hijacker of an airplane in the United States

Named the hijacker of an airplane in the United States

Established the identity of an American who hijacked a passenger plane at the airport in Seattle. According to the Associated Press, the 29-year-old Horizon Air employee of Richard Russell. Officially, these data have not been confirmed.

The Agency reported that his duties included transporting Luggage and towing aircraft. Russell had access to the closed zone of the airport, but permission to fly.

76-seat Q400 aircraft was stolen from the Seattle airport on August 10. For his support in the air was raised by a few fighters. In addition to Russell on Board was empty. He tried to do in the air aerobatics, and then the airliner fell near the forest. The pilot was killed. The police incident a terrorist attack is not considered.

Judging by the published talks, the Manager tried to persuade the hijacker to land the plane, but he refused. “There are a lot of people who care about me. Their upset that I did. I’d like to apologize to each of them. I’m just a broken guy. Didn’t realize it until now,” — said the hijacker.

Shortly before the fall he said that one of the engines seem to have failed, and the dispatcher advised him to keep the plane low, parallel to the water.

#BREAKING #SeaTac airline employee steals Horizon passenger plane and then crashes on island in #PugetSound . No passengers believed to be onboard. @nbcbayarea #AlaskaAir

— Janelle Wang (@janellewang) 11 Aug 2018