Moskalkova told about the condition of the crew of the vessel “Mekhanik Pogodin”

Moskalkova told about the condition of the crew of the vessel “Mekhanik Pogodin”

MOSCOW, Aug 11 — RIA Novosti. The Commissioner for human rights of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Liudmyla Denisova told the Russian Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova on the status of the crew members of the vessel “Mekhanik Pogodin”.

Earlier, permanent representative of the President of Ukraine in Crimea Borys Babin announced that the SBU intends to arrest the Russian ship, who came to Kherson port. According to him, “the Mechanic Pogodin” belongs to a company from Russia, which is under Ukrainian sanctions.

As told the press Secretary of the Russian Ombudsman Alexei Sovetov, on Board the tanker are 12 sailors who went ashore.

“They have food, water and medicines. The sailors so far no complaints. Neither administrative nor criminal”, — he said.

Denisova also said Moskalkova that the sailors had not met with the Russian Consul. However, if necessary, they can refer to the Russian or Ukrainian Ombudsman.

Savedow added that the court on the issue of the arrest of the tanker will be held on Monday.

Earlier the Deputy of the state Duma Leonid Kalashnikov said that Kiev is waiting for a harsh response in case of arrest of a Russian tanker.

The situation with the vessel “Mekhanik Pogodin” not only for the last time. In the spring of this year, Ukrainian border guards detained the Russian fishing vessel “Nord” with ten Russian sailors on Board, which Kyiv authorities considered citizens of Ukraine. Nine crew members were fined, the captain of the vessel faces a prison sentence of up to five years. However, only two sailors were able to return to the Crimea, and the rest remain in Ukraine.