In Turkey, said that the new US tariff contrary to WTO rules

In Turkey, said that the new US tariff contrary to WTO rules

ANKARA, 10 Aug — RIA Novosti. The actions of the US, which increased by half the duties on imported Turkish steel and aluminium, is contrary to the rules of the world trade organization (WTO), said in a statement the Turkish Ministry of trade on Friday.

The US President Donald trump said Friday that sanctioned twice to raise taxes on aluminum and steel from Turkey — up to 20% and 50%, respectively, which caused another drop in the Turkish Lira to a historic low. It fell to 6.62 per dollar, having lost during the day nearly 20% of its value.

Relations between the US and Turkey recently escalated, including the case of American pastor Andrew Brunson, detained in 2016 by the Turkish authorities. Last week the US Treasury imposed sanctions against the head of the Ministry of justice of Turkey Abdulhamit Gul and interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, accusing them of “serious violations of human rights”.

“The introduction of new US duties on Turkish steel and aluminium along with the previously imposed duties contrary to WTO rules. Turkey, which operates according to these rules in its trade policy, is waiting for the same respectful attitude towards them from the other countries. We will continue to support and protect from unlawful acts the interests of our exporters of steel and aluminium in the international platforms, including the WTO. The United States remains, as before, an important trading partner of Turkey,” — said in a statement.

USA, justifying its steps by reasons of national security, in March imposed import duties on steel supplies in the amount of 25% aluminum — 10%. In relation to the EU and some other countries they came into force in June. Almost all countries whose producers are faced with new duties, said preparing a response that raised fears of a “trade war”.

Turkey, which exports steel to the USA at 1.18 billion dollars, and imports from this country of goods for $ 1.3 billion, introduced in June against Washington duty on 22 species of American goods totaling $ 300 million in response to the US imposed tariffs on imported steel and aluminum.