FSO has filed a lawsuit against Yarmolnik smashed Mercedes

FSO has filed a lawsuit against Yarmolnik smashed Mercedes

The Federal guard service (FSO) of Russia filed a lawsuit against the actor Leonid Yarmolnik, demanding to collect from it more than 800 thousand RUB over the damaged in road accident the foreign car belonging to the service. This told the press Secretary of the Khamovniki court Olga Mouser.

According to her, the accident occurred on 22 October 2016 on Kutuzovsky Prospekt at fault cultural figure. The accident came four cars, among which was the Mercedes owned by FSO. Later the car was repaired in a specialised organisation.

The Mouser explained that the insurance company paid the amount to cover part of the repair, and the remaining part of the costs incurred in the amount of 800 thousand RUB FSO asked to recover from Yarmolnik. She added that the actor was found guilty of committing an administrative offense.

He Yarmolnik confirmed the existence of the claim. He explained that the insurance has already paid the FSO all the money and he doesn’t understand why the service have any additional claims.

“I’m ready for the court case involved my lawyer. It is necessary to understand in details why there is this lawsuit. Ships with FSO I am not afraid, although jokingly you can say that again, the FSO, therefore, the claim is made”, — quotes its words Agency city news “Moscow”.

The actor explained that he is ready to sue, but not for money, but to understand the situation, given that Mercedes service repaired in just a day. Yarmolnik added that continues filming, despite the attention of the FSO.

The first court session will be held August 21 at 11:00 GMT.