American city swept by “tsunami of clouds” (video)

American city swept by “tsunami of clouds” (video)

Like stills from the movie-disaster.

Illinois residents witnessed a terrible sight. In the middle of the day near lake Anna, near the Parking area of a supermarket, there was a huge wall of storm clouds. It stretched from the ground to the sky and ominously bearing down on the city.

Publication from Lenny Buzz (@lennybuzz) 7 August 2018 at 3:49 PDT

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At first glance it seems that the Parking here will strike a powerful tsunami, too these clouds resemble a giant wave. Despite the ominous appearance, nothing catastrophic, this phenomenon, fortunately, has not brought.

#Clouds over Lake Superior today. Never saw this before

— ?Natural ? (@Natural92005025) August 10, 2018

We will remind, recently similar but less frightening clouds to watch and the people of Britain.