Tired of playing in the mud Chelyabinsk children built a sand box

Tired of playing in the mud Chelyabinsk children built a sand box

In Chelyabinsk the children had built in the backyard sandbox, not under program improvement. This was reported by a user of a public “Overheard CTZ (official) Chelyabinsk” Vkontakte.

To post attached two pictures which show the area, consisting of one iron slides right under where the puddle. Nearby is a sand pit, lined with bricks, with compartments for sand and molds. “Where to watch the housing office?” — interested in the author frame. In reviews, users praise children for wit and abuse of workers housing. In response to a joke about “severe Chelyabinsk children,” someone observes that they are rather hard and the city to them.

According to the user, this is the courtyard outside the Tank. The photo shows the house number — 193a.

Local portal 74.ru asked for comments to supports the district management company “ZHILKOMSERVIS”. They have promised to respond as soon as the user appears on the job. At the time of writing the news the response was not published.

In early August, in the village of Big Fountain in Odessa region opened a children’s Playground near the cemetery. Swings and slides located near the crosses and painted the same color.

Meme “Severe Chelyabinsk” appeared thanks to a series of sketches of the TV show “Our Russia”, which takes place in the fictional Chelyabinsk acting pipe-casting plant.