Headlines from rescuers in Stavropol Krai funny Russians

Headlines from rescuers in Stavropol Krai funny Russians

As it turned out, this is not a misunderstanding, but a deliberate move.

Rhyming headlines to news about emergencies says the press-service Fire and rescue service (PASS) of the Stavropol territory.

“Fiery darkness came to the house,” “river deep get men”, “the boy’s in shock, jet shock” and such creativity can be an excellent example of black humor.

Blew the boat like a shell.The press service of the Stavropol territory PASS

But sometimes the titles resemble titles of horror films.

Was terrible behind the door silence.The press service of the Stavropol territory PASS

Creative headlines is not a misunderstanding, but an intentional move, noted on the website PASS.

Service sure thereby form the inhabitants of the region positive image of rescuers. Such editorial policy the employees of the press service hold for three years.

Headlines attracted the attention of users of social networks. Comedians invited to write in a similar vein, and national news.

The headlines from the Fire and rescue service of Stavropol territory:

  • Trouble will take a rescue cat (Kitten saved owner from fire);
  • From different sides of a dangerous overtaking (Firefighters and rescuers eliminated consequences of the accident that occurred on the roads of the Stavropol region as a result of overtaking);
  • Statistics are scary! Do not go to forbidden places! (Rescuers recovered from Priveekollektie channel body of the drowned men);
  • The party was a success — the thing from the flame lit! (Firefighters extinguished the fire in the house for four owners);
  • Fluffy was returned alarmed grandma (the Rescuers removed from the trap a kitten stuck in the opening between the wall and air conditioning);
  • The situation is irrelevant — in water unknown (the Rescuers removed from the Novotroitsk reservoir body of an unknown woman);
  • Caught in a trap a horned animal (Rescuers using excavators recovered a cow from sewage treatment plants);
  • The roadbed for a dream forbidden (Firefighters liquidated the consequences of the two accidents, which seriously injured a young boy and killed a man);
  • Corral singed, but the ostrich saved! (Firefighters rescued from the burning of a live ostrich);
  • Among the fields burned GAZelle (Firefighters extinguished the car and zapolyhali around him the grass);
  • Serpent’s tail was difficult (the Rescuers caught the snake in a private house and held a preventive conversation with witnesses of the attack of the snake per person);
  • Dangerous animal crawled into the chill (the Rescuers caught a poisonous snake in the room of the veterinary area);
  • Fire-villain scared three children! (Firefighters extinguished the fire in the house for two owners);
  • Kindergarten trees ustat (the Rescuers cleared a kindergarten collapsed on him from the trees);
  • Family scandal turned into a fire ball! (Firefighters extinguished a house that broke a family passion).