The foreign Ministry told about the conflict of Russian journalists on a patrol in the Central African Republic

The foreign Ministry told about the conflict of Russian journalists on a patrol in the Central African Republic

MOSCOW, 9 Aug — RIA Novosti. Russian journalists killed in the Central African Republic, entered into a dispute with the local military patrol, which encouraged them to go for the city night, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova at a briefing on Thursday.

According to her, on Tuesday, the employees of the Russian Embassy in the Central African Republic met with the leadership of the local gendarmerie, acquainted with the famous investigation of the facts and spoke with the driver carrying journalists.

According to testimony, on July 30 around 11 am, the journalists went to the city Bambari, which is located to the North of the capital the Central African Republic. They made a stop in the town of Damara, where they held a survey and talked with the locals.

Then, without explaining the reasons, the journalists decided to deviate from the original route, asking the driver to drive in the city of Dekoa. Upon arrival at the town of sibut, located on the way to Tekoa, at approximately 18.30, their car was stopped by Central African military patrol, which urged not to go further and spend the night in sibut, as the city begins free from government control territory. However, the journalists insisted, and, referring to that somewhere.Maria Saharanafrican the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry

“It is established at the moment that such a desire to go further and urging local authorities not to do so has caused controversy. As a result, the dispute still missed them”, she added.

In the Central African Republic 30 July killed Kirill Radchenko, Alexander Rastorguev and Orkhan Jemal, they were in possession of an expired press card various media. The RF IC opened a criminal case under article “murder”. As reported by the Center for management investigation, the journalists were filming a documentary about the presence of Russian military trainers in the Central African Republic, while the Russian foreign Ministry has described as absurd reports about the investigation into the activities of PMCs in the CAR, putting that office in March, reported sending instructors to the country. The Embassy of the Russian Federation deals with the question of transportation of dead bodies of Russian journalists in the homeland, it will happen in the coming days.

The situation in the CAR deteriorated in early December 2013, when in Bangui, clashes between militants of the Islamist grouping “seleka” and opposing them rebels-Christians. According to the UN at the end of July, during the conflict up to a million people were forced to flee their homes, killed about 6 thousand people.

Previously on the website of the consular Department of the Russian foreign Ministry was published recommendations, which state that the police CAR “are in disrepair and count on their help in case of trouble does not have”. In the Russian Ministry noted that the criminogenic situation in the Central African Republic difficult, there are frequent armed robberies and killings, attacks on foreigners, and so a visit to the country involves a lot of risk and, consequently, highly undesirable.