Rebel and aliens. Secret materials about Gillian Anderson

Rebel and aliens. Secret materials about Gillian Anderson

August 9, agent Scully, actress Gillian Anderson is 50 years of age. Looking at it, it seems that this well maintained elegant lady strict, even prudish, haughty and arrogant. But this impression is deceptive.

Anderson his whole life was a rebel, as evidenced by the x-files, unknown, insufficiently familiar with the life of the actress to the spectator.

Had problems with the police

About people like Anderson, say, born with a Golden spoon in his mouth. The girl was born in a rich family that could afford to do nothing and enjoy life. But, unfortunately or fortunately, the nature of Anderson was not easy. To adolescence Gillian grew up an only child. Her life changed dramatically, when the family happened replenishment: a brother and sister. The girl felt rejected by their parents and have begun to organize protests. Put the earring in the nose, dyed her hair pink, tried drugs and decided that from then on becomes a punk. Her classmates recalled that the school future movie star was dubbed the “class clown” and predicted her criminal future. Anderson actually had a couple of times to talk with representatives of law enforcement agencies, before graduation when she applied the glue in the front door of the school, and when he tried for a joke something to steal in the store.

Got an appointment to a therapist at age 14…

…and visiting it until now. The actress admits that sometimes her experiences panic attacks. This happened, for example, during the filming of “Secret materials”. At that time the actress gave birth to daughter Piper, but the filmmakers gave her as maternity leave is only 10 days. In the end, the young mother had to leave the baby in the trailer and periodically run there for 10-20 minutes to feed. “Sit, feeding the baby, and she is shaking like crazy,” recalled Jillian. Helped only a psychotherapist and yoga classes.

A year spent without work

Gillian made a successful debut in the theatre and for a long time doubted whether she should contact the film industry. But in 1992, the actress was invited to the painting “Metamorphosis”. The script is good, a group of professional. Why not? But the film flopped. Anderson stopped inviting not only in the movies. Theatre Directors also did not want to see her on stage. More than a year she was expecting a proposal. And it appeared. New series “Secret materials”. The major role. Long-running project. So the aliens saved her career.

Selected for the role, contrary to the opinion that the heroine was supposed to be a leggy blonde with a magnificent bust

Such saw Mulder’s partner, the producers of the series. But Director Chris Carter insisted that an intelligent female special agent is more likely to be similar to Gillian Anderson than Pamela Anderson. In the end, the producers gave up and have not regretted. 9 years Gillian for 16 hours a day worked on the set, to thus make millions of viewers in time to turn on their televisions.