Scientists have discovered why cats are more like women

Scientists have discovered why cats are more like women Women form closer emotional bond with their cats than men, found by Hungarian researchers. The work was published in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science. Scientists from the University of eötvös watched 157 owners and owners of cats and found that women are more likely to interact with their Pets than men. They are more likely to talk to your or other people’s cats, you know what food they need, and what is prohibited and what toys they like. They also smile more often to Pets and understand their emotions. The best interaction was found between the women and the old cats, and the worst between men and young animals. Scientists aim to find out whether cats can be just as good companions as dogs, cats interaction with people is studied worse. As concluded by the authors that more adult cats

The personality drank on Mont Blanc Russians

The personality drank on Mont Blanc Russians Traveler of Russia Dmitry Volkov was the same tourist who, along with his friends drinking champagne on Mont Blanc from a three-liter bottle of Jeroboam. About Volkov said in his account in Facebook. The Mont Blanc ascent. Day 1. Life line On the Sunny meadow in the courtyard of a five-star hotel albert Premier… Dmitry Volkov published Friday, August 3, 2018,During the download an error has occurred. As it turned out, a group of Russian tourists with a guide-instructor made an organized ascent of Mont Blanc and at rest during the ascent to the Hut Huta celebrated the birthday of one of them — businessman Dmitry Volkov, the General partner of the investment of RD Ventures. “Tomorrow I turn forty-two years, and I must feel happy,” — wrote Dmitry in his post on Facebook telling about the ascent of the highest mountain of

Kim Kardashian unsuccessfully promoted the sneakers and became a hero meme

Kim Kardashian unsuccessfully promoted the sneakers and became a hero meme Overdid the artistry. Fans of Kim Kardashian made fun of her inept and quite odd sneaker. The reality star often uses social media to promote various brands and often chooses how to advertise a particular product. This time Kim decided to show the steepness of sports shoes, lying on the bed. And all anything, but an abstract expression of the faces and the strange posture let her down. Like butter. #Butter350”s #Yeezy — Kim Kardashian West (@@KimKardashian) August 6, 2018 In a matter of hours the Kardashian spread over the Network and turned into a new meme. ?????? — Dada? (@dadaland) August 7, 2018 — Zaddy Sky ⚡ I (@BlvdeBrown) August 6, 2018 Someone please dial 911. — VIJAY (@V1JJU) August 7, 2018 — Fabrizio? (@breezy_y00) August 7, 2018 — cal (@calamauriii) August

In Kabardino-Balkaria killed four of asguardian

In Kabardino-Balkaria killed four of asguardian In the mountain area of Kabardino-Balkaria in the result, an avalanche killed four of asguardian. This is stated in a statement received by “”. Contract servicemen have died during a routine practice. To establish all circumstances of incident on a place, flew a group of officers of the Central apparatus of Regardie. As told the Agency TASS source in the emergency services Severo-the Caucasian district, the climbers were in conjunction at a height of 4.5 thousand meters. Accompanying the instructor survived. Their bodies will begin to descend from the mountain on Thursday morning. High in the mountains Elbrus and Bezengi gorge soldiers are trained in orienteering in the highlands, shooting, climbing on rock and ice massifs to climb, landing, hone skills assistance to victims in the mountains.

USA is afraid of the “destructive technology” of Russia

USA is afraid of the “destructive technology” of Russia In recent years, American sailors faced with an increasingly growing Russian capabilities in the field of electronic warfare, said in an interview with Voice of America Admiral U.S. Navy, chief of naval operations Jon Richardson. The military noted the need to increase the United States to counter threats from Russia. “These disruptive technologies… will indeed be decisive in a future battle, and we need to make sure too invest in them,” said Richardson. The Admiral added that the opposition to the Russian electronic warfare systems is a new component for the U.S. Navy. In June 2018, the us military analyst Samuel Bendett said that the Russian technology of electronic warfare ahead of us and represent a special threat to the United States and NATO forces in Europe. Then the President of Academy of geopolitical problems, doctor of military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov