Funny money: Petrosyan richer British pranksters

Funny money: Petrosyan richer British pranksters

Money Yevgeny Petrosyan can be compared with the capital of foreign comedians. Billion Jerry Seinfeld, $100 million Chris Rock after the divorce and $20 million Briton Eddie’d — “Газета.Ru” he compared the work of the humorist Evgeny Petrosyan with foreign colleagues.

The divorce process well-known comedians became one of the Central themes of the news agenda in Russia. A lot of this has contributed to a large fortune Petrosian. In mass media there was information about the amount of 1.5 billion rubles., however, the exact size of a assets humorist is not officially reported.

Petrosyan’s lawyer Sergei Zhorin in conversation with “Газетой.Ru” denied appearing in the media amount, but reiterated that the status of the artist “very large”.

“As for the amount of 1.5 billion, I don’t know where this figure came from, — said the Zhorin. — Confirm that it is 1.5 billion and not one or two, very difficult. Property is really a lot, but even in business there is no inventory, not to mention the score”.

Despite the lack of accurate data, it is possible with high probability to assume that Petrosian is a ruble billionaire and his state in terms of dollars ranging from $20 million to $30 million.

“Газета.Ru” I decided to compare the earnings of Eugene Vaganovich with his colleagues in the West.

First and foremost is to define the terminology. Under the assets means the net value of assets after deduction of liabilities and taking into account movable and immovable property. Thus, is the total capital after payment of all necessary costs such as taxes, production costs, staff salaries, etc.

Yevgeny Petrosyan 72 years, and his career lasted for half a century, however, the opportunity to earn large sums appeared in Russia a little less than 30 years ago. Therefore, the income Petrosian appropriate to compare with foreign colleagues from 45.

However, we must not forget that analogue Petrosyan to find in the West is extremely difficult, as comedians, known, usually aim to monetize in movies and TV series, and Yevgeny vaganovich appeared on the screen in only three of the documentary series.

According to a recent poll, Petrosyan became the second most popular humorist of Russia, second only to the deceased in the past year, Mikhail Zadornov. Therefore, to compare the incomes of Eugene Vaganovich need only the most popular comedians from other countries (data is taken from the portal Celebrity Net Worth).

Jerry Seinfeld (USA, 64 years) — $950 million

Hardly probable not the richest comedian in the US and throughout the world Jerry Seinfeld owns assets worth $950 million Seinfeld began his stand-up career from the bottom, and it took him 15 years of performing in various clubs for the first time to get on TV. He became a successful comedian who was invited to the evening show of famous TV hosts such as David Letterman.

But the really big money came to Seinfeld in 1989, when he headed his own television show, lasted nine years, which was called “Seinfeld.” Plus, the comic has earned a decent portion of their capital as author of the literary bestseller. Seinfeld is also one of the world’s largest collectors of Porsche cars. Behind him the official number of 46 machines.

Ellen DeGeneres (USA, 60) — $400 million.

Famous for leading his own show, Ellen DeGeneres began her career at a small Comedy venues in New Orleans. Soon she had the opportunity to tour across the country. In 1982, Showtime named her the funniest man in America. Since 2003, the artist is “Ellen DeGeneres”, which has received more than 30 statues daytime Emmy. Her official salary is $75 million per year.

Chris Rock (United States, 53 years) — $100 million.

The Russian audience is familiar with Chris Rock mainly for his participation in popular films “Lethal weapon 4” and “Dogma.” However, the Rock began his journey to fame long before roles in feature films. In the 80-ies Rock played at iconic new York club Catch a Rising Star, which earned its reputation. In 1990, Chris joined the cast of the famous Comedy show “Saturday night live”. During his career, the comedian has created a lot of Comedy shows, recorded several albums, performed the ceremony “Oscar” and starred in the feature films.

In 2016 Chris Rock has split from his wife Malaak Compton-Rock after ten years of marriage. So, it is a very large state considerably decreased, which does not interfere with Chris’s own assets in the amount of $100 million.

Ricky Gervais (UK, 57 years old) — $90 million.

One of the richest comedians of Britain’s Ricky Gervais graduated from the philosophical faculty at University College London. After receiving higher education for a long time could not decide what he will do, and therefore tried many kinds of activities, including Comedy. In the end it is a Comedy Gervais brought a huge fortune. In 2001, Ricky has created the TV series “the Office,” which became a huge hit in Britain and then became a us remake.

Eddie Izzard (United Kingdom, 56 years of age) — $20 million

Acclaimed British comedian Eddie Izzard in his youth was inspired by the art of the comic group “Monty Python”. Izzarda it took ten years to achieve fame, speaking on the street, and later in Comedy clubs. 90 years of Eddie’s career went uphill, and in 2000 he received two “Emmy”. , Izzard has starred in several films including the Thriller “the Secret agent” and the Comedy “My super ex-girlfriend”. One of the most striking appearances Izzard on the screen happened in the TV series “Hannibal”, where he played a murdered their family plastic surgeon.

Dylan Moran (Ireland, 46 years) — $12 million

The Irishman Dylan Moran to 46 years has earned quite a decent condition in the $12 million Moran is constantly on tour with the author program and gets decent fees. Dylan has starred in several British films, including the hit Edgar Wright’s “Zombie by the name of Sean”. Most famous comedian was in the early 2000’s creating Comedy series “Bookstore black”, in which he played the lead role.


It is clearly seen that American actors earn ten times more British and especially European.

To compare the condition of Evgeny Petrosyan with colleagues from the US makes no sense.

However, earnings Yevgeny Vaganovich is comparable to the level of Albion, which is hardly a surprise.