British pubs are closing by the dozens. Where now to drink ale and porter?

British pubs are closing by the dozens. Where now to drink ale and porter?

A pint in the pub — the British national pastime — a thing of the past. Every week in the UK closing almost two dozen pubs. Defenders of the traditions of sounding the alarm, but everything is so bad?

Russian service Bi-bi-si versed in the causes and consequences of the extinction of the world famous phenomenon.

What’s going on?

In the early 21st century in Britain there were more than 60 thousand pubs and sold two times more beer than in the shops. Almost 20 years later they have less than 49 thousand, while sales of beer in them for the first time in history gave primacy to the supermarkets.

Why? The British say that they’re repulsed by the price of beer at the bar: in a statement released this week poll, 56% admitted that they can’t afford a pint at the pub.

London is a special case. An unexpected illustration of the high cost of capital pubs a year ago was the terrorist attack at London Bridge station. The footage of the evacuation is seen as one of the runner holding a half-full pint of beer. “A real Londoner!”, — unanimously supported its social network. “Sure, he’s for it £6 given.”

Experts blame the high cost of raising taxes, and among the reasons for the falling attendance of pubs called the available alcohol in stores, boom of craft beer and the passion of youth a healthy lifestyle.

Completely stopped drinking?

Every fifth Briton over the age of 16 do not drink at all. However, almost every other drink, and the majority — with enviable regularity.

Newsto Drink?

The most popular drink is beer.

The most popular place for drinking pub. He has a special place in British life.

In contrast to the quiet cafes with their tables, waiters and Autonomous companies, noisy pubs — a place of communication and the center of life. Come here to wash of victory, to celebrate, to play bingo, sing karaoke, participate in quizzes, watch football, cricket or horse racing.

Here, communicate with colleagues, friends, relatives and business partners. Pubs — public space for people of any profession, gender and age. As the underground or the emergency room at the hospital.

Their annual contribution to the economy is more than 23 billion pounds, calculated the defenders of the traditional beer — ale — Association Campaign for Real Ale (Camra). But their main role is not economic, but social, they believe.

Pubs bring people together and make them happier. They strengthen the bonds and trust between them.Association Campaign for Real AleПочему the pubs close?

The first reason is price.

Prices continue to rise mainly due to taxes, which make up a third of the cost of a mug of beer in pub: excise taxes on beer, VAT and tax on commercial property.

The newsmedia published a photo Naseri after a fight in a Moscow bar

After the global financial crisis of 2008, the authorities diligently milked pubs, as it traditionally happens in difficult economic times, when increased fees on those goods which people will refuse in last turn: alcohol, cigarettes and gasoline.

Since just before the crisis, and even banned Smoking in public places, the pubs began to close active in the former.