The U.S. Senate has invited Assange to testify about intervention of Russia in election

The U.S. Senate has invited Assange to testify about intervention of Russia in election

The founder of site Wikileaks leaks Julian Assange invited by the U.S. Senate to testify about Russian interference in the presidential elections of 2016. A letter to the Senate special Committee on intelligence, addressed to the Embassy of Ecuador in London, where Assange has published the legal team of Wikileaks.

“Mr Assange, as you know, the intelligence Committee of the Senate conducting a bipartisan investigation of the Russian intervention in U.S. elections 2016. The Committee requests that You arrive for a private conversation with its members in both parties agreed the time and place” — said, in particular, in the letter. Assange’s lawyers have stated that they consider this proposal, however, “conversation” should “take place in accordance with the highest ethical standards.”

In addition, they indicate that the organization Human Rights Watch considers illegal extradition of Assange to the U.S., where he faces a life sentence on charges of espionage.

The President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno said that Assange could leave Embassy in London at any time, if the British side will respect its rights. In early August, Bloomberg reported that Assange could leave Ecuadorian Embassy due to health problems.

Assange is in the Embassy of Ecuador in London since 2012, He has asked Ecuador for political asylum, as he feared extradition by the Swedish authorities in the United States due to the activities of Wikileaks — in particular, the publication of 700,000 classified documents on the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and diplomatic reports. In late March, the government of Ecuador has deprived Assange of communication with the outside world, saying that its social media posts threaten the country’s relations with the UK and EU countries.

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