The British did the bathroom floor from 1200 bottle caps

The British did the bathroom floor from 1200 bottle caps

Spouses Alex and jade Carter from Fareham, Hampshire, decided to find useful application of the many caps from bottles of soda and alcohol, that idle was kept at home.

Inspired by the videos on YouTube, the pair got the idea to make the original floor in the bathroom. But their stocks of caps was not enough, and then they asked for the help of their family, friends and even the owners of several pubs nearby.

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As a result, for three months the family has 1200 caps from beer, soda and ale. According to conservative estimates Alex, jade and their assistants during this time drank about 396 liters of different drinks.

This is the most difficult stage was over. According to spouses, the Assembly decor it took them six days. The first day they glued the caps to the floor, then secured them with cement mortar and wait until it dries. And then covered it all with composite resin.

Its unusual flooring, the British had not only friends, but also journalists.

They noted that creative ideas cost them only $ 130.

Now they plan to decorate in the same style floor in one of the bedrooms.