Police car stuck in the sand

Police car stuck in the sand

Law enforcement found the missing woman, but lost the car.

A police car was caught in a trap of sand on Crosby beach near Liverpool, while his hapless owners were looking for a missing woman.

That new Sir Anthony Gormley sculpture at Crosby beach looks so real. pic.twitter.com/1U9F7oGP7Z

— Plink (@PlinketyPlink) August 6, 2018.

Militiamen were forced to leave the car whose wheels are stuck in sand, and go on a further search on foot.

A day later, the situation only worsened. Now, I’m sure living near Jim McCormick, will need something more solid of a truck to pull the car out of the trap.

Police car sinks into sand and gets trapped on beach after searching for a missing woman https://t.co/HAmesZffSS pic.twitter.com/l9CMtiwFal

— Siglov Freudivan (@DerangedRadio) August 7, 2018

County Mersyside said that the operation to rescue the car will start, once the water will recede to a safe level during low tide.

Meanwhile, the missing woman has been found unharmed.

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