Pilots and flight attendants shared 15 secrets of flight

Pilots and flight attendants shared 15 secrets of flight

Perhaps, these strange features of flying, you never knew.

1. The duration of the drop-down oxygen masks — 12-15 minutes. But not to worry, the pilot is usually much less time to return the aircraft to a safe altitude and to cope with the pressure level in the cabin.

2. Jingles, pre-side messages are actually code for the command. Audible signals can be reported as the number of remaining snacks are, as well as areas of turbulence on the way.

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3. Technically no one can die in flight. On Board there are no people authorized to fix the time of death, so legally declare someone dead only after landing.

4. However, if someone actually died during the flight, according to the rules, if there is no free row, he will remain to sit strapped in his chair.

5. The toilet can be opened from the outside. Normally the mechanism is hidden under the sign “no Smoking” on the door.

6. It is better not to touch airplane water. Most flight attendants will tell you that it is better not to order tea and coffee. All because side water contains very high levels of E. coli.