“Let’s talk about rockets” that Putin has proposed Trump

“Let’s talk about rockets” that Putin has proposed Trump

The US media revealed the contents transferred by Putin to Trump the document.


The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the talks with the us leader Donald trump offered to bring up for discussion the Memorandum, where, including the mentioned nuclear disarmament and the prohibition of the use of weapons in space. It is reported by the American edition of Politico, citing “Russian document”.

The publication notes that, according to the results of the summit, which took place on 12 July, as well as the related negotiations, the Russian leader set up to preserve agreements on nuclear weapons despite disagreements between Moscow and Washington.Newsof the meeting of the leaders of the United States and Russia on neutral territory

The proposals are in keeping with Russian ideas for the resumption of talks on strategic stability. We are talking about the extension of the Treaty on Strategic offensive arms, which expires in 2021, and also the Treaty on intermediate and shorter-range missiles 1987. It is a matter of dispute on both sides, which accused each other of violating it.

Earlier, the trump instructed the White house to prepare a new package of sanctions against Russia in connection with the fact that Moscow was violating the INF Treaty. This document States that the US President should develop and submit to Congress a report, which will set plans for the introduction of measures against specific individuals because of alleged non-compliance by Moscow of this document.

Under the sanctions can get the person in charge, according to American politicians, for the orders that led to the violation of the INF Treaty. Also sanctions can befall any individual member of the Russian government.

Among the possible measures — blocking assets in the United States, the ban on entering the country, as well as any other measures as approved by the President.

The INF Treaty signed by the leaders of the USSR and the USA Michael Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan in 1987, is, according to many experts, the cornerstone of international security.

According to him, the parties had eliminated an entire class of missiles of medium and short range. The agreement imposes a ban on the use and development of missiles (500 to 1 thousand km) and medium (from 1 thousand to 5.5 thousand km) range, based on earth.

The theme of the deployment of nuclear weapons in space, which is worried about Russia, also brings back memories of the “cold war”. This arrangement meant the American program of creation of the nuclear shield “Strategic defense initiative”, which could intercept missiles in all flight path. In addition, this initiative involves the weaponization of space, and therefore received the popular name “Star wars.”

Currently, both countries are working on the creation of new types of weapons, which could be a prelude to a new arms race. Recently Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov announced the creation of a new high-precision weapons.

We are talking about supplies of Russian troops in the years 2018-2027 new powerful weapons exceeding the best foreign analogues, including stationary missile complex strategic purpose liquid Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), the Sarmat.


At the beginning of February 2018, the United States released the text of its new nuclear doctrine. The document says Russia’s determination to return to the status of a great power and the arms race, and argued that Russia threatens the first to use “limited nuclear strike”.

“Today Russia is modernizing it (the nuclear — “Газета.Ru”) weapons and other strategic systems. Of even greater concern was associated with the adoption by Russia of military strategies that assume the achievement of success through expansion of nuclear capacity. These events confirm the determination of Moscow to return to the confrontation of the great powers”, — stated in the doctrine.

“Moscow threatens to use the first limited nuclear strike, mistakenly expecting that coercive nuclear threats or limited first strike could paralyze the US and NATO and thereby put an end to the conflict in Russia,” — say the authors of the document.

The doctrine also calls for the Russian authorities “understand that nuclear primary application, no matter how limited it may be, will not be able to achieve their goals, radically change the nature of the conflict, and cause untold and unbearable costs for Moscow.”

Despite the fact that trump has said it is ready to speak on the subject of nuclear disarmament talks between Russia and the United States on this subject has not yet begun.