A resident of Novosibirsk during the day, found jobs and housing to the homeless

A resident of Novosibirsk during the day, found jobs and housing to the homeless

This helped her social networks.

Good story on Twitter told the lady under the name mama_lilya from Novosibirsk. The girl together with girlfriends have a rest at one of the restaurants, and at the exit she came across a homeless guy who asked for some change. Girl money was never found, but was interested in his story.

It turned out, the man’s name is Sergei, he is a welder and while working he injured his legs. While he was in the hospital, the wife rewrote the apartment on his mother, and after discharge he was left without shelter, assets and livelihoods. Only with a passport and a social security number.

The story of the man touched the girl, and she threw a call on the social network, asking for help from users in finding employment and providing Sergei with all necessary.

Important is a tape, let’s do good and kind. Now came the annuals of anilca man, started asking for change. Started to question him about how he became homeless, what he did before. His name is Sergei, he is a welder of 6 category.

— Lily (@mama_lilya) August 6, 2018

At the request of many people have responded. The next day mama_lilya reported that a homeless man agreed to take the owner of rental cottages. Sergei settled in the attic of one of houses, washed, dressed and fed.

Before/after pic.twitter.com/lcP3sBdh3W

— Lily (@mama_lilya) August 7, 2018

Girl in conversation with journalists noted that the landlord is willing to provide free the man food and shelter for their help on the farm and repairing things. In addition, people began to send money to help the homeless and provide it with the necessary clothes and medicines.