Where is the most dangerous lake in the world

Where is the most dangerous lake in the world

Just stand near him is dangerous to life.

The most dangerous body of water on the planet, according to British newspaper Daily Mail, did not appear due to volcanic activity or natural features, but because of the person.

Lake Karachay, which is located in the urban area of Kyshtym of the Chelyabinsk region, and served for years as a radioactive dumping ground for the chemical plant “Mayak”. The water is regularly drained of liquid “hot” waste in General, radioactive strontium-90 and cesium-137.

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But this seemed was not enough, and in 1957 the factory was a man-made accident. In the area of pollution was the area of 23 thousand square kilometers.

In 1967 it was decided to preserve the lake as there was a real danger of contamination by radioactive waste groundwater. The first work on the “neutralization” of the reservoir was carried out in 1971, but large-scale filling began only in 1986.

To fully preserve the lake were made in late 2015 — Karachi peppered rocky soil, and the top closed with concrete blocks.

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However, according to experts, the lake remains in mortal danger. People without special equipment it is strictly forbidden to be near that place.

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Lake Karachay, the most polluted place on earth and a good reminder for proponents of nuclear energy.

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