“The earth seemed plastic — like men go”

“The earth seemed plastic — like men go”

As Russian tourists survived the earthquake in Indonesia.

Russian tourists have experienced a serious shock in Indonesia. On Sunday there was an earthquake of 7 points. As a result, on the island of Lombok, according to the latest data, has killed more than 100 people. The tremors were felt in the popular tourist resort of Bali, which is 100 km from the epicenter. In the earthquake area were 5 to 6 thousand Russians. However, if he suffered any one of them is unknown. Alexander Rassokhin contacted the Russians, vacationers in Bali, and learned how they survived a natural disaster.

The strongest earthquake on the island of Lombok occurred on Sunday at about noon local time. Buildings were literally staggering, tumbling, burying dozens of people.

Earthquakes for this area are common. But such strong aftershocks can’t remember and the locals — they were felt even in one of the most popular Indonesian resort of Bali, which is located in the neighborhood.

“Not immediately understand what is happening. We went down to the street, already emptied of people, the neighbors. Beside us lives a girl who is in Bali for eight years — it just was shaking, she was crying, saying that never shakes. It lasted about ten seconds, 15 minutes later was the aftershock even five seconds. You can’t control the situation, this is all getting terribly,” — said the inhabitant of Vladivostok Alice, who lives in Bali for two months.

Another resting — Julia — shared with “Kommersant FM”: she thought of the earthquake may become physically ill. “Like you nauseated, inside a strange feeling, especially the people who this is the first time encountered. Had some urges, especially our friends who do yoga, it is very much felt: someone throat enough, someone hands ached, twisted stomach.

Still, it was surprising that the land seemed so plastic, right feel like you like men go.

You feel how it moves. It’s scary,” she recalls.

The main thing I am afraid these are aftershocks, because they can cause tsunamis.

While that is no prerequisite for this, but that could change at any moment, Alice says: “There is a small Cove and all the water is just gone. Among the local and tourists to panic as the massive large tides are a sign of an impending tsunami. Still overshadows the fact that there is a volcano 50 km valid, which erupted three weeks ago. And the earthquake may lead to the fact that he wakes up”.

On the island of Lombok, which took the brunt of the attack, the rest are mostly Indonesians. In Bali, very popular with foreigners, the damage is significantly less. So the problems in order to leave the island, no, said blogger Elena Samoylova, who recently flew to Singapore. “When we went to the airport, all local driving to work, no panic was not. The airport a little damage, as said in the news, but all the flights were on time, no cancellations were not uncommon,” she said.

However, for local residents such disasters — norm. Russian George, who has been living in Bali, sees the earthquake as an attraction. “I went to the cafe, and began a shaker. The guys that the first time, of course, eyes slightly on the forehead were popping out.

When I came out of the cafe, the ground was unsteady, and the feeling that she at some point may burst.

But I’m a little adrenalinschik, so, probably, I do still like it,” he says.

Travel companies said that the cataclysm was not the cause of customer churn.

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But in any case, the main scientific employee of Institute of physics of the Earth Russian Academy of Sciences Alexey Lyubushin reminds you how to act during an earthquake:

“If you are in a tall building are where fast to run does not work, then you need to stand in the doorways of the main load-bearing walls. If the ceiling caves in or the floor will be able to survive. Do not use the Elevator. If the earthquake occurred on the ocean, there is the danger of a tsunami, and a General recommendation is get away from the water’s edge, climb up somewhere higher.”