Fragile girl from Turkey ate kebabs 255 in 23 minutes

Fragile girl from Turkey ate kebabs 255 in 23 minutes

That is a case where looks can be deceiving.

No one could not have imagined that 21-year-old student Ceren Yilmaz from Antalya can be a record this year for speed eating kebab.

The kebab diet: this student gained 7kg in 23 minutes were chowing her way through 255 shish kebabs for an eating competition. Ceren Yilmaz, who weighs just 40kg, won 5500 lira and five months of free food from the restaurant in #Antalya. She plans to beat her record soon. #Turkey

— Property Turkey (@TurkeyPropertys) August 4, 2018

The owner of the restaurant, which held an unusual contest, initially even refused to register the slim girl (she weighs just 44 kg), but she insisted. In the end, she managed to cope with four kilograms of meat all the faster, leaving the competition far behind.

In addition, Soren is not simply shoved in kebabs, but also complemented them with snacks and drinks that also stood on the table and was not even included in the competition program.

As a prize, the Turk got a smartphone, jewelry and five months of a free lunch in this restaurant.

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Note that was zafiksirovan and the record men: the winner of the competition ate 300 kebabs for one meal.

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