Poroshenko told about the plan “patronage” of the EU over the Donbas

Poroshenko told about the plan “patronage” of the EU over the Donbas

KIEV, August 6. /TASS/. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said about the readiness of the European Union to accede to the restoration of the Kiev-controlled Donbas settlements.

“The summit Ukraine — EU, we have agreed to launch my initiative on “patronage” on the part of interested States-members of the EU over individual cities and areas of these territories for the implementation of projects targeting the rehabilitation of infrastructure, economic development, and ensuring normal functioning of communities,” he wrote on Monday in Facebook.

The summit Ukraine-EU was held on 9 July in Brussels, but then the theme of the restoration of the Donbass in the outcome document details were not recorded. According to a statement from Poroshenko on the results of the negotiations were agreed upon further integration of Kiev with the European Union, however, he said that it was about the four areas of cooperation: energy, implementation of the Schengen legislation, the adoption of digital market, and the deepening of customs cooperation.