Named five of the most disgusting smells in the world

Named five of the most disgusting smells in the world

Scientific portal ScienceAlert, based on previously conducted research by scientists, has gathered a selection of the five most disgusting smells in the world.

MOSCOW, August 6 — RIA Novosti. In the first place in the list — the smell of hydrogen sulfide. It have the aroma of rotten eggs, and uranium.

In second place is the fruit called durian. It contains 44 active aromatic compounds, which are mixed into one smell from rotten eggs to the caramel. Recently, the fruit of the durian caused the evacuation of the whole University in Australia. Then his scent confused with the smell of gas.

In third place were the flower of Rafflesia arnoldii, with putrid smell with hints of rotting and fish. Thus this flower attracts insects that pollinate it.

In fourth place is the worst smelling product — cheese Vieux Boulogne, and the fifth was the smell of the small anteater, which, according to scientists, the smell several times worse than skunk. This fragrance saves the animal from predators.