“Melon snake, Armenian cucumber” in Derbyshire has grown the world’s longest vegetable

“Melon snake, Armenian cucumber” in Derbyshire has grown the world’s longest vegetable

“Power of prayer” — an elderly resident of the English County of Derbyshire explains how he managed to grow a cucumber to a size exceeding the Guinness Book record.

75-year-old Raghbir Singh Sanger raised vegetable length 51 in (129,5 cm) in the greenhouse. The growth process is still not finished — the fetus continues to grow in length and in width.

The current record-holder of the Guinness Book — the cucumber length 107 cm, grown in Wales in 2011.

However, the expert in the field of growing giant vegetables Peter Glazebrook said that most likely it is the Armenian cucumber (Cucumis meloflexuosus), also called snake melon, and not the common cucumber (Cucumis sativus), although both of them belong to the family Cucurbitaceae.

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“We have exhibitions already brought such samples, but these were rejected, says Glazebrook. — Although. undoubtedly, this one of a kind — handsome”.

In the Guinness Book of records now contain only cucumbers of ordinary records in the category of Armenian cucumbers are not registered. However, according to the representative of Guinness World Records, anyone can submit an application for the creation of a new category via the publisher’s website.

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Mr. Sanger is going to take your cucumber in a Sikh temple in Nottingham and is willing to make him a dish for everyone.

While the fruit is not yet ripe finally: “He’s still growing and engorged; when he Matures, we set aside seed for next year.”

It is necessary for him to look like for my own child.Ragbir Singh Camerabased

The cucumber-champion is one of four that were planted in early April. But his three brothers were quickly eaten, and only one plant left to grow until the end.

Watch @ITVCentral tonight at 6pm to see how Sikh priest Raghbir Singh from Derby claims prayers have helped him grow the world’s biggest cucumber – a whopping 49 inches & still growing! pic.twitter.com/9TghtwZBFU

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“I got myself a seat next to him, sitting, watching, as it grows, says Sanger. — Pray that he grows to bring us health and all were happy and healthy then I’m happy.”