Britain asks Russia to extradite suspects in the case Skrobala

Britain asks Russia to extradite suspects in the case Skrobala

London is going to send Moscow a request for extradition of Russians who were suspected of poisoning people with nerve substance in the British city of Salisbury. About it writes on Monday, August 6, the Guardian newspaper with reference to sources in the government and power structures of the UK.


According to the newspaper, the authorities want to extradite from Russia two citizens of the country. It is noted that in the months of thorough investigation, which led hundreds of police and security officers, they are “fully tracked movement of the two Russians from the moment they enter the UK prior to departure” from the country.

The publication writes that the request was prepared by the crown prosecution service. She was ready to send it at any time. At the same time, The Guardian indicates that such a request will undoubtedly be rejected by Russia and will lead to a new round of diplomatic scandal.Newsa Woman called the probable poisoner Skripal

Relations between Moscow and London and some other Western countries, has seriously deteriorated after it became known about the poisoning in the British Salisbury former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia. They were found unconscious on March 4, they later came to.

In addition, June 30 was poisoned a couple of Brits from Amesbury, Charlie Rowley and don Sturgess. The intelligence agencies claim they were exposed to the same substance, which affected Skrypali. Rowley came to, however, Sturgess died. According to the man, he gave the bottle with the chemical of the deceased, believing that it was perfume.

The UK authorities believe that all four were poisoned nervously-paralytic substance of the Novice class, which was developed by the Soviet scientists for military purposes. In the end London blamed for what happened to Moscow. Russian authorities his involvement in the incident deny.