Venezuelan President tried to kill exploding drones

Venezuelan President tried to kill exploding drones

The organizers of the assassination attempt on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has used the drones with explosives. This was reported in the Twitter group “Flannel soldiers” (Soldados de Franelas), which claimed responsibility for the attacks.

“Our operation has been to two drone filled with C4, flew to the presidential Lodge. Snipers honor guard knocked them to achieve the goal,” — said in the message.

According to the group, the purpose of the assassination was to show the vulnerability of the government. “Flannel soldiers” promise that he would prepare a new attack. “It [the goal] was not achieved today, but this is a matter of time”, — emphasized in the publication.

Writes Assosiated Press, the security services have already arrested several people involved in the assassination. Maduro himself has been blamed on the Colombian leader Juan Manuel Santos and right-wing radical groups in Venezuela.

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According to Reuters, the group “Flannel soldiers” exist in 2014. His aim she calls the Union of all the Venezuelan “resistance groups” that oppose the current regime.

Assassination attempt on the Venezuelan President was made on 5 August. During the celebration of the 81 anniversary of the Bolivarian national guard in Caracas explosion. Maduro evacuated, seven soldiers were injured. Chairman of the Supreme court Meikel Moreno called the incident a terrorist attack.