The Network has admired the act of a cat who saved a sick mistress life

The Network has admired the act of a cat who saved a sick mistress life

MOSCOW, 4 Aug — RIA Novosti. Twitter users marveled at the actions of the cat who saved the life of a sick mistress.

Cat Theo was the posthumous winner of the English award National Cat Awards, writes the Daily Mail. According to his landlady Charlotte, one the woman felt bad, but decided not to go to the doctors and rested. However, pet did not allow her to sleep: the cat gave Charlotte to close my eyes, loud meow, and hit her legs. In the end, the woman called the ambulance, doctors found Charlotte the signs of a clot.

“Good thing I didn’t fall asleep, as is likely, then I would have woke up”, she said.

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The Network has admired the sensitivity of the animal, to preserve the mistress of life.

“Cats — best friends who can you be,” wrote the Twitter user.

“I was recently very sick, and my cat followed me at night. Once I woke up and saw that the cat was intently looking at me, — shared his story @vrw123.

“If I’m a cat, Theo will be my role model,” wrote @Kevinplaytennis.

However, some users suspected the cat of selfish motives.

“I’m glad she’s alive and all, but really I just wanted some treats,” he joked in the comments.

“I doubt that cats are important human rewards, human treats much better,” agreed @REALWIZARD999.

The award ceremony was held on August 2, a week before Theo died. She took the reward pet, adding that such recognition helps her to accept the loss of a pet.