Russia gave Kazakhstan access to a military GLONASS signal

Russia gave Kazakhstan access to a military GLONASS signal

MOSCOW, 4 Aug — RIA Novosti. Russia gave Kazakhstan access to high-precision GLONASS signal, said RIA Novosti, the Aerospace Committee of the Ministry of defense and the aerospace industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Kazkosmos).

High-precision GLONASS signal is used for military purposes, including for targeting precision weapons.

As told RIA Novosti news Agency the military expert, chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Victor murakhovski, the signal today is to address those tasks that were previously performed military topography and its application in the armed forces is extremely broad.

“For example, to determine the location of the samples of weapons and military equipment, command posts, to prepare the data for high-precision weapons systems. It barreled artillery and jet system of volley fire, ballistic missiles, and for posting of positions and the identification of key areas of action, such as anti-aircraft missiles,” — said murakhovski.

Thus, according to the expert, the “civil” signal GLONASS provides good accuracy in latitude and longitude and “military” are required to obtain accurate navigation data the altitude above sea level. Error on this value the “civil” systems can reach 200-300 meters, which is absolutely unacceptable for military tasks. Using high-precision signal and stations of differential corrections can achieve sufficient accuracy and height.
Previously it was known that Russia has provided access to such signal only India in 2010, and Algeria to 2018.