Petrossian filed a counter suit to his wife

Petrossian filed a counter suit to his wife

MOSCOW, 4 Aug — RIA Novosti. Protection humorist Evgeny Petrosyan filed a counterclaim to his wife Elena Stepanenko, which asks to divide the property equally, told RIA Novosti lawyer Sergei Zhorin.

Earlier it was reported that Stepanenko has addressed in court with the claim about division of joint property with your spouse. According to the card case, the claim was 4 July. It is noted that the lawsuit was filed Stepanenko.

“First, we ask you to dissolve the marriage. The claim Stepanenko is written incorrectly: in the header of the document she requested divorce and divide property, but in the narrative too keen on division of property and forgets about the divorce. In addition, we propose to divide the property equally, and not, as she insists,” explained the lawyer.

According to him, Stepanenko in his claim requests to give her the larger portion of the property. The decision on acceptance of the counterclaim, said Zhorin, the court will make on August 6, he expects that they will both be dealt with simultaneously.

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