In Egypt have discovered a new statue of the Sphinx

In Egypt have discovered a new statue of the Sphinx

Egyptian workers during road repair in the Egyptian Luxor have discovered a new statue of the Sphinx, the journalists on Sunday said the head of the Department of antiquities of the province Mohamed Abdel Aziz.

CAIRO, Aug 5 — RIA Novosti. According to the official, whose words are quoted by Youm7 newspaper, the statue was discovered when workers repairing the road connecting Karnak and Luxor temples.

Abdel Aziz said that the statue is similar to the famous Sphinx at Giza in the form of a lion with a human face.

Experts are still not in a hurry to retrieve an ancient monument from the ground to avoid damaging it due to abrupt climate changes.

To create the Sphinx at Giza ordered Khefren, the fourth Pharaoh of the Fourth dynasty of the old Kingdom (circa 2500 BC). Carved out of the rock statue of a lion with a human face still remains the largest in the world.

It is believed that Khafre ordered to give a personal character to face this monster (the Sphinx in Arabic for “father of fear”). All subsequent pharaohs, according to historians, considered it his duty, without touching the base of the Sphinx, “update” only his head, trying as Khefren, to achieve the maximum similarity with me.