How to live the small, unrecognized state in Africa (photos)

How to live the small, unrecognized state in Africa (photos)

The locals are afraid of evil spirits do not like visitors.

The island of Migingo, occupying a land area of 1.8 thousand square meters, is considered one of the most populous on the planet. Here on a permanent basis is home to 131 people.

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Tiny island located in Africa, lake Victoria.

The rights to it for several years of dispute between Uganda and Kenya and islanders consider themselves a separate independent state.

However, both countries pay huge taxes.

Check this place started comparatively recently, in 1991, when two fishermen from Kenya Dalmas Tembo and George Kibebe decided to live on a desert island before that. They began to invite their relatives and friends.

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So, by 2009, the number of local residents reached 131 people, and Tembo with Kibebe, who founded on the island “Senate Republic” and became its “honorary senators”, were forbidden to take in new people.

According to local law, a foreigner may conduct, Mgingo not more than a day.

The main income of the local population is fishing. Catching in the coastal waters of Nile perch, an average family has a profit of 200-250 dollars a week. For the citizens of neighboring African countries is the salary of 2-3 months.

On the island of Migingo there are five bars, a beauty salon, pharmacy, several hotels and four public houses in which women work while their husbands fish extract.