The government has approved draft laws on improving the system of inspection

The government has approved draft laws on improving the system of inspection

MOSCOW, 4 Aug — RIA Novosti. The Russian government has approved draft laws on improving the system of technical inspection of cars, including increasing penalties for violations in this sphere, and also introducing the video recording of the inspection, the relevant document is published on the website of the Cabinet.

“To approve the draft Federal laws “On introducing amendments to the Federal law “On technical inspection of vehicles and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation” and certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation”, “On amendments to the Russian Code of administrative offences” and “On amendments to the criminal code of the Russian Federation” and submit them to the State Duma in the established procedure”, — the document says.

Bills aimed at combating the practice of mass registration of diagnostic card without the real procedure of technical inspection of vehicles, as well as at combating the illegal design of diagnostic card, certificates of conformity and declarations of conformity by individuals who do not have permission for such activities. “It is proposed to strengthen the administrative and criminal liability of participants of the inspection system”, — the document says.

It is also proposed to issue a diagnostic card in the form of an electronic document with an electronic signature of tekhekspert, to carry out the diagnosis. In addition, it defines requirements for production and technical basis of the item of inspection.

Another project (amendments to the administrative code) provides for the disqualification of techexpert. At the same time they are subject to liability for the design of diagnostic card without inspection.

In addition, it is proposed to introduce administrative liability for violation of the order of conducting the register of operators of checkup, and also for inspection by the person whose details do not exist in the registry or not authorized to diagnose.

Another project introduces criminal liability for conducting inspection without accreditation the operator’s inspection. It is noted that the introduction of this measure due to the wide practice of selling “gray” diagnostic cards without inspection of car.