Julian Assange diplomatic deprive of shelter

Julian Assange diplomatic deprive of shelter

The founder of WikiLeaks expelled from the Embassy of Ecuador in London.


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in the coming weeks is expected to leave the Embassy of Ecuador in London, where he spent the last six years. Since 2012 the authorities of the Republic could not achieve the safe release of Mr. Assange, accused the British authorities of violating the terms of bail.

The current President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno resolute — the more that the health of the activist, according to people close to him, rapidly deteriorating.

Meanwhile, supporters of Mr Assange believe: the desire of Lenin Moreno to kick him out of the Embassy is a consequence of pressure from the US authorities who seek to extradite WikiLeaks founder and his trial for disclosure of classified information and espionage.

The name Julian Assange appeared in world media in late July, when the Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno said in an interview with Spanish newspaper El Pais, that the “case Assange is a problem for Ecuador” and the problem should be solved. The President said that the ideal solution would be a willingness Julian Assange be punished for violation of the British laws (on bail) in exchange for the possibility of extradition to safe country.

In the interests of Ecuador and of Mr. Assange to finish the period of political asylum. But to complete it in accordance with international law and in dialogue with the UK.Jose Balenciaga Ecuadorian Ministry of foreign Affairs

When the outcome of the negotiations is unknown. Representatives of the Embassy of Ecuador in London, where he was hiding Julian Assange, told “Kommersant” that the comments on this issue can give exclusively in the foreign Ministry. However, the press service of the Agency to comment on the situation “b” did not.

We will remind that mister Assange in 2006, he founded WikiLeaks, which published tens of thousands of classified US documents related to the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, as well as letters of members of the American Democratic party and the election headquarters of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. In 2010, he was accused by the authorities of Sweden to the sexual abuse of two women. In 2011, a British court (at the time Julian Assange was living in London) took the decision to extradite activist in Sweden. But while he considered an appeal, the WikiLeaks founder took refuge in Ecuador’s Embassy in London. Soon left the Ecuadorian President, Rafael Correa, has officially granted him political asylum.

The situation changed after the election of the President of Ecuador in 2017. One of the two favorites right centrist, Guillermo Lasso promised in case of victory to evict Julian Assange from the Embassy 30 days. Ally Rafael Correa left candidate Lenin Moreno called for continued asylum to the WikiLeaks founder. However, he stipulated that he would ask Julian Assange to be more careful to avoid further complications of relations of Ecuador with other countries. This position Mr. Moreno was held after the inauguration of the President.

So, in November 2017, the government of Ecuador has recommended that Mr Assange is not to interfere in the internal Affairs of other States. This warning was dictated by the fact that Spain has expressed protest in connection with the contacts of Julian Assange with the Catalan separatists. In March, he was denied access to the Internet.

Professor, University of Quito, Jorge Aguirre believes that the situation with Julian Assange will become a serious dilemma for President Moreno: the left politician “in danger of becoming a traitor in the eyes of the population, working with former opponents — Britain and the United States.” However, Mr. Aguirre stressed that the biggest problem for Ecuador will be to further “containment WikiLeaks.” “Lenin Moreno will have to decide which country to trust this Pandora’s box that he never opened,” said expert “b”.

Meanwhile, supporters of Mr. Assange on verdict Ecuadorian authorities already issued. One of them, a lawyer and journalist Diani Baretto, said: “the Current President of Ecuador is doing very strange things. Today says one thing, tomorrow another. The legitimacy of asylum was confirmed by the inter-American court of human rights (ISHR). And he (Lenin Moreno.— “B”) may revoke the decision on asylum or to extradite Assange”. Ecuador, according to Mrs. Baretto, “becomes another North American colony of the Empire.”

Former WikiLeaks representative Kristinn Hrafnsson in conversation with “Kommersant” expressed the hope that Britain will respect the decisions of the international community e.g. the UN Working group on arbitrary detention, which is still in 2016, called for the release of WikiLeaks founder and to pay him compensation.

He also drew attention to the decision of the ISHR, the provisions of the Constitution and the first amendment to the basic law of the United States (in it, in particular, are guaranteed the freedom of speech and press). “If all parties in this case will be to obey the law, Julian will be released”, — assured the interlocutor of “Kommersant”.

Note that the Swedish authorities extradite Julian Assange not already achieve — the case of sexual violence in may 2017 was closed. But the risk of its issuance, the United States remains.

According to a close the President of the United States Donald Trump political consultant, veteran of the Republican party Roger stone, in case of extradition to the USA of Julian Assange, the head of the White house would pardon him. However, as noted by Mr. stone, it is unlikely that this will happen before the sentencing. “The President believes Assange in court to prove that the hacked correspondence (of the Democrats.— “B”) is received not from the Russian or their intermediaries”, — said the publication the Washington Examiner Mr. stone.

Meanwhile the Attempt Hrafnsson such an outcome in doubt. “The clemency of Julian Assange, there is no need. Just have to stop its illegal harassment. But this, judging by the statements of members of the administration trump, the agenda is not” — said the former representative of WikiLeaks. And explained, what he has in mind in particular the current Secretary Mike Pompeo. As head of the CIA, he called WikiLeaks “a hostile intelligence service, which often support state actors such as Russia”.

Pavel Tarasenko, Anna Osetrova