It became known about the secret offer to Russia on Syria

It became known about the secret offer to Russia on Syria

The head of the Russian General staff Valery Gerasimov sent a secret letter to the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff of the armed forces of the United States Joseph Dunford, listing the measures to stabilize the situation in Syria. About it reports Reuters.


Gerasimov called for Washington to help in the restoration of areas that are already controlled by the government of Bashar al-Assad. In addition, Moscow wants to help in the return of Syrian refugees to their homes.

The message indicated that the Syrian authorities did not have enough resources for normalization of life and restoration of infrastructure.

The Agency notes that Washington has seen deals Gerasimova “very cold”. They think that to support Moscow is only in the case of a political solution to the Syrian crisis, which implies the holding of independent elections under UN supervision.

Gerasimov’s letter was sent on 19 July, a few days after the meeting of presidents of Russia and USA in Helsinki. Among other things, Vladimir Putin and Donald trump were discussing the postwar reconstruction of Syria.